by Banksforyou

IFSC Code: Search by Bank

A tool that allows users to get IFSC code by selecting Bank name, State, District and Branch.

Important Search results shows-
✅ IFSC Code.
✅ MICR Code.
✅ Contact No.
✅ Branch Code.

ESI Calculator: For Employees

ESI is employee state insurance scheme under that employees have to retain a portion for insurance.

Thing to input
✅ Just enter gross salary.
✅ (Optional) Employee contribution % can be changed.
✅ (Optional) Employer's contribution % can be changed .

PPP Calculator: Salary based on Living Standards

A tool that allows job seekers to compare their salary with the living standards of the country.

Things to Input-
✅ Current Country Salary.
✅ Current Country
✅ Country Target